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Hi there! Thanks for stopping by!
Iโ€™m just here, pursuing the life I want โ€“ one that doesnโ€™t revolve around a conventional 9-5 job dedicated to fulfilling someone elseโ€™s dreams. Instead, I hope to create a life that aligns with my own passions and ambitions.

About Me
The Purpose

My love for travel has inspired me to embark on this blogging journey, resulting in the birth of โ€œNEW PLACES TO GO.โ€  I share all my South African adventures, documenting the incredible places Iโ€™ve visited and providing useful tips and valuable information. Iโ€™m also passionate about uncovering hidden gems, especially in South Africaโ€™s Eastern Cape Province. Ultimately, I aim to ignite a spark of wanderlust and curiosity in my readers, inspiring you to seek out new places to explore.

New Places To Go
Where it all began…

In my early twenties, I moved to South Korea to teach English, drawn by the promise of adventure and a vibrant lifestyle. Twelve incredible years later, I realized I yearned for more career opportunities and a change of pace. So, in September 2022, my partner and I took a leap of faith. We quit our jobs, packed our bags, and embarked on a one-way journey to South Africa for our next adventure. In my travels across Asia and Europe, Iโ€™ve loved experiencing different cultures and beautiful landscapes in over 20 countries. But South Africa holds a special place in my heart.

About ME
What’s Next?

Join me as I continue to explore exciting destinations and share my stories and adventures of new places. Iโ€™ll be sharing tips, personal experiences and valuable resources, hoping my posts bring you joy and inspiration. Cheers! xโ€

My Travel Philosophy

I believe that…


Travel can be affordable.

You choose what to prioritize. With a dedication to saving and careful planning, travel is possible.


You don’t have to go far.

Sometimes the best places are right at home. Playing tourist in your own town is fun and a fresh way to view the world.


Travel is undeniably worthwhile.

You will never look back with regret for the time or money invested in exploring the world.

New Places To Go
New Places To Go
New Places To Go
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