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Homely Portuguese flavors at Brazas in East London

Brazas Portuguese Fusion restaurant is setting a high bar in the local East London dining scene, injecting their own vibrant flair into every dish. For me, though, a truly exceptional restaurant experience isn’t just about tasting the delicious food. It’s also about the overall atmosphere and the welcoming feeling of a close community. Brazas embodies this perfectly, embracing their motto โ€“ Mi Casa Su Casa โ€“ Our home is your home. When you step into Brazas, you’re part of the family, and its that warm hospitality and homely vibe that sets this restaurant in East London apart.

Family Heritage and Culinary Fusion at Brazas Restaurant

In 2022, Jean-Michel and his father Pedro Magalhaes e Silva opened Brazas, aiming to create a cozy space where prioritizing both exceptional food and comfort is paramount. Brazas’ menu narrates their family’s culinary journey, intertwined with Mediterranean flavors that resonate deeply with Jean Michel, shaped by his Portuguese upbringing.

Jean-Michel and his dad, Pedro who own and run Brazas

The fusion concept of the restaurant embodies two important aspects. Firstly, the collaboration between two generations, Jean Michel and his father, working together to run it. Secondly, this fusion is seen in the cuisine. Jean-Michel pointed out that in Portugal, grilled chicken isn’t prepared quite the same way as they do it here at Brazas. Their peri-peri and lemon butter chicken, for instance, is flavored with Mozambican spices, giving it a unique twist. This blend of culinary traditions results in dishes that are not only flavorful but also reflect the diverse influences that shape Brazas’ menu.

Artful Ambiance and Unique Spaces at Brazas Restaurant

As soon as you walk into Brazas, it feels as if you’re stepping into a family home. The whole place is filled with personal touches, like colorful artwork on the walls. These pieces not only add color to the space but also share snippets of the restaurant owners’ lives and interests.

Artwork at Brazas restaurant in east london
Unique artwork adorns the walls, including pictures by Jean-Michel and Pedro themselves

The restaurant is split into four areas. Upon entering, you’ll find the first area known simply as ‘the dining section.’ This space offers a view overlooking the chef’s room. Appropriately named, the chef’s room provides glimpses into the kitchen and offers a firsthand view of food preparation. Additionally, there’s an outdoor patio adorned with plants and interesting artwork, ideal for pleasant weather days. Finally, upstairs, lies the ‘pizza room,’ where customers can observe the pizza-making process. We chose to sit in the dining area, with its colorful wallpaper, wooden floors and soft lighting.

Our food and drink experience at Brazas Restaurant

The Brazas menu presents a variety of options, with 12 appetizers ranging from calamari and prawn/cheese rissoles to chicken livers, chorizo, mussels, and sardinhas. Among the main courses, dishes include rump espetada, a seafood platter, grilled queen prawns, curry, fish, paella, peri-peri chicken, pasta, pizza, and more. For a full menu, click on this link.

First, it’s time for some appetizers

We began our meal with some appetizers, and let me tell you, everything was absolutely delicious! The garlic prawns had so much flavour, and the cheese rissoles (V) were wonderfully creamy and delicious. Brazas Restaurant also provided us with complimentary bread rolls, baked in-house, and that homemade freshness was unmistakable.

Our appetizers – freshly baked rolls, cheese rissoles and garlic prawns

We paired our meal with a glass of Portuguese red wine and Super Bock, a Portuguese Lager with a refreshing taste. The pensive painting above our drinks was painted by none other than Pedro himself, by the way ๐Ÿ˜‰

Then, our mains…

Next up, were the mains. My goodness – where do I even start with how amazing these dishes were. We ordered the Portuguese Steak and the Queen Prawns. The steak was so tender and the sauce it was draped in took the flavors to another level. The prawns were grilled and presented to perfection, alongside a good veggie mix. Paired with some lemon juice and a home-made peri-peri sauce , the prawns were irresistibly tasty and my husband devoured them in no time.

Brazas Restaurant food

Throughout our meal, the staff were attentive and friendly. Pedro stopped by our table to check in on us and engaged in friendly conversation. He’s really knowledgeable about history and shared some interesting facts about the origins of our dishes, as well as his own personal story and how he got into the restaurant business. Whenever we had a question, he was quick to provide an answer, making our dining experience even more pleasant.

During our visit, Brazas was promoting an MCC (Mรฉthod Cap Classique) from Haute Cabriere Estate in Franschhoek. So, we each received a complimentary chute of this spectacular sparkling wine, too.

Just when we thought the night couldn’t get any better, Pedro headed on over to our table with a free sample of his home-made limoncello. This sweet liqueur is made from the zest of lemons, steeped in Vodka and mixed with a simple syrup to create a smooth and flavorful liqueur. It was, of course, absolutely delightful and a wonderful end to an incredible evening of dining and drinking.

From the warm hospitality to the innovative fusion dishes, Brazas exceeded our expectations in every way. If you’re looking for incredible food and a warm, inviting atmosphere, then Brazas restaurant in East London is exactly the place to be.

Where to find Brazas Restaurant in East London

Location: 57 Pearch Street, Baysville, East London, South Africa.

Other Helpful Information

For reservations and enquiries, you can contact Brazas at +27738539115

Kitchen hours: Monday and Tuesday (4-9pm | dinner only); Wednesday – Saturday (12-9pm | lunch and dinner); Sunday (12-4pm | lunch only)

Keep an eye on their Social Media Pages for specials and exciting menu items! Please note that Brazas is also on Uber Eats.

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