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Tokara Wine Estate

Tokara Wine Estate, situated in the Stellenbosch region of the Cape Winelands, is a scenic wine farm and also one of my all-time favorites! The estate is situated along the Helshoogte Pass at the foot of the Simonsberg Mountains. Indeed, just driving up to the estate is a feast for the eyes of luscious green gardens against a beautiful mountain backdrop.

The farm was first purchased in 1994 by GT and Anne-Marie Ferreira. Touchingly, the farm owes its name to a combination of the Ferreira children’s first names, Thomas and Kara. Originally, the farm was simply a family home. However, in a short period of time, it grew into an award winning wine production and olive oil estate.

The elegant tasting room and restaurant, quality wine production, unrivalled views and landscape, as well as the incredible art and sculptures make Tokara one of the most popular wine estates in the region.

Highlights of Tokara Wine Estate

  • Wine, Olive Oil and Brandy tasting
  • A chic, elegant tasting room with incredible views
  • Home to one of Cape Town’s top gourmet restaurants
  • A child-friendly Delicatessen
  • Stunning trails between the tasting room and the Delicatssen
  • Sculpture and art displays

Wine tasting at Tokara Wine Estate

In front of Tokara’s Tasting room, is a small vineyard block that displays all the grape varieties grown on the farm. These include merlot, cabernet sauvignon, petit verdot, semillon and chardonay.

In addition, an interesting, nature-inspired artwork sits at the entrance and is symbolic of the farms connection to sustainability and class.

As you enter the main tasting building, you can also see some of the estates many displays of art and sculptures.

The beautiful, architecturally designed space of the wine tasting room is classy, with friendly service and magnificent views over the scenic valley. Pretty lights dangle from the ceiling and dramatic art displays can be seen. Tokara has managed to create a perfect balance between elegance and intimacy.

The tasting room at Tokara Wine Estate

The wine at Tokara is excellent and there are tastings for every budget, from flagship to premium. If you like, they also offer a XO Potstill Brandy tasting. While we didn’t partake in the extra virgin olive oil tasting this time, it definitely looks appealing!

Floor to ceiling glass windows provide visitors with fantastic views over the lawns and vineyards.

The restaurant at Tokara

The Tokara upmarket restaurants is run by one of South Africa’s top chefs. The restaurant prides itself in fine dining with the highest quality farm produce and a selection of cellar wines. Furthermore, the restaurant is elegant and beautifully adorned with the most stunning artwork on the walls. Click on this link here to see their menu.

The trail through the vineyards and olive groves

When you are done sampling wine, you can take a stroll around the area. Make your way up the gently sloping hill, to beautiful views of the estate from the top. You can then loop around for about half an hour to an hour and end up back at the parking lot. The trail also leads to the estates Delicatesseen, where you can buy gourmet ingredients and the finest delicatessen offerings.

Vineyards of Tokara Wine Estate
A stroll around the vineyards

Along the walk, keep an eye out for more interesting artwork, such as the statue featured in the image below.

The delicatessen at Tokara Wine Estate

The family-friendly Tokara Delicatessen is about a 20-30 minute walk through the vineyards from the tasting room. Check out their incredible menu by clicking here.

In addition to scrumptious meals and a beautiful setting overlooking vineyards and olive groves, the delicatessen also features fascinating art sculptures in the surrounding garden.

Sculpture at Tokara Wine Estate Delicatessen
Sculpture at Tokara Wine Estate Delicatessen

Other activities at Tokara Wine Estate

  • Restaurant events and hosting: The picturesque backdrop and top-notch facilities of the Tokara restaurant provide an outstanding venue for weddings, corporate events or intimate gatherings. There is seating for 110 guests, while the balcony can be used for pre and post drinks and dancing. Alternatively, there is a semi-private room at the rear of the main dining area for smaller and more intimate gatherings of up to 24 guests.
  • Functions at the Delicatessen: For something fun, but perhaps not as formal as a wedding venue, look no further than Tokara’s Delicatessen. Perfect for hosting events such as cocktail parties, bachelorettes, kitchen teas, birthdays and so on. The venue can accomodate up to 60 people. During good weather conditions, the uncovered deck can host bigger groups.
  • Exclusive events such as music production, commercial shoots, product launches can also be held at either the restaurant or the Delicatessen.

How long should you spend at Tokara?

Phew! I would spend all day if I could! In fact, few estates I have visited have left such a good impression on me in such a short time. I highly suggest giving yourself 3-4 hours at least at this beautiful estate to enjoy wine tasting, a walk through the groves and a stop at the Delicatessen.

Tokara is a truly impressive wine estate that left me marvelling around every corner! If you’re looking for somewhere with quality wine, incredible scenery and gourmet food, look no further than Tokara Wine Estate.

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