Storms River Suspension Bridge
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How to visit the Storms River Suspension Bridge

The Storms River Suspension Bridge is an iconic attraction at Storms River Mouth within the Tsitsikamma section of the Garden Route National Park, a popular destination along South Africa‘s famous Garden Route.

Important things to know before visiting the Suspension Bridge

Where to begin: The trail begins at the Storms River Mouth Rest Camp.

Distance and time: The two-kilometer Storms River Mouth Trail to the suspension bridge winds through 900 meters of Tsitsikamma Forest. It’s an easy path, taking just under an hour for a round trip. Lookout points and resting spots along the way offer beautiful views of the ocean and cliffs.

Fees: Because Storms River Mouth is part of the National Park, you will need to pay a daily conservation fee to enter the region. The fee is payable when entering the Tsitsikamma section of The Garden Route National Park. For current tariffs, visit SANPARK’S OFFICIAL PAGE. Once you have paid the entrance fee, there is no additional cost for any of the hiking trails, including the suspension bridge.

Opening and Closing Times: The park gates open at 8 am and close at 5 pm for day visitors. So, make sure to allow enough time to complete and enjoy the trail(s).

Entering the National Park to visit the Suspension Bridge

To see the Storms River Bridge, first go through the main gate at Stormsriver Mouth (The Garden Route Tsitsikamma Section Entrance). Complete a gate registration and indemnity form, and pay the gate fee. You’ll receive a map showing the hiking trails in Storms River Mouth, which includes the Mouth Trail.

Entrance for Storms River Mouth

Then, to reach the starting point of the Suspension Bridge hike, turn right at the entrance to the Otter Trail Caravan site. Day visitors can then park their cars in the parking lot and proceed to the trail.

The parking lot at Storms River

The Storms River Suspension Bridge Mouth Trail

The start of the trail is not obvious, but it is easy enough to find. Head for the Untouched Adventures Booking office on the edge of the parking lot.

Go around the building, and then you’ll see a sign for the suspension bridge. The sign is attached to a staircase leading into the forest.

We walked on the wooden boardwalk through the forest, enjoying beautiful ocean views along the way. It’s a one-hour round trip, but if you stop for photos or to take in the views, plan for some extra time.

In the picture below, you can see that the suspension bridge has three parts. From where we stood, we could see the iconic bridge in the distance, stretching over the turbulent waters, with adventurous kayakers below.

The Storms River Mouth Suspension Bridge

The main (and impressive!) suspension bridge is 77m long, hanging 7 meters above the water.

The Storms River Mouth Suspension Bridge

The photos really don’t capture the full magic of this place. Once you step onto the bridge, a mesmerizing view unfolds—the deep gorge sculpted by the Storms River. The cliffs rising dramatically from the water are breathtaking! If the bridge excites your adventurous side, check out the Kayak & Lilo activity at Untouched Adventures on your way back. It’s a two-and-a-half-hour kayak adventure that takes you deep into the Storms River Gorge.

After you cross the bridge, there’s a small pebble beach at the end. It’s a nice place to dip your toes in the water and relax before heading back.

A trip to the Storms River Suspension Bridge in Tsitsikamma National Park is a must for those who love nature and a little adventure. From a forest hike to the stunning views, the trail is a beautiful representation of what the region offers.

Tips for Visiting the Storms River Suspension Bridge

  1. There are plenty of other hiking trails in the area. If you’re a day visitor and have already paid the entrance fee, why not make the most of your day by exploring the additional trails, such as the Waterfall Trail and Blue Duiker Trail. Warning: You do need to be relatively fit to do this all in one day, though! (We managed, but it was a bit rushed).
  2. Staying in the park at the Storms River Mouth Rest Camp is a great choice, whether you want to take your time on the hiking trails or try other activities such as kayaking, and snorkelling.

DISCLOSURE: I have no commercial relationship with Sanparks or any of their affiliates. All photographs, experiences and opinions expressed in this blog post are my own.

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