Dalewood Fromage Cheese Shop
Cape Winelands,  DESTINATIONS,  Paarl,  Western Cape

Dalewood Fromage: A Cheese Lover’s Paradise in the Winelands

Hey cheese lovers! Today, let’s chat about this awesome spot near Paarl called Dalewood Fromage. I first sampled Dalewood’s cheese at Eikehof Estate during a visit to the Cape Winelands, and knew that I had to get my hands on more of this cheese!

Dalewood cheese at Eikehof Estate in Franschhoek

The Dalewood Difference

Dalewood takes quality seriously. They make their cheese from organic Jersey cattle milk, using regenerative farming practices. The result? Fantastic cheeses that capture the essence of the farm.

The Cheesery Shop

Don’t underestimate The Cheesery Shop โ€“ it might be small, but it’s packed with a great variety of cheeses. From classic Brie and Camembert to unique South African ones like Huguenotยฎ and Bolandโ„ข.

Pure Pleasure in Every Bite:

What sets their cheese apart is its pure and natural flavor. Free from preservatives and artificial additives, each bite is a celebration of simplicity and quality. It’s a taste of the farm that resonates in every mouthful.

Beyond Cheese

They don’t stop at cheese, though. Explore their range of farm-fresh products, including milk, feta, yogurt, and butter. Each product reflects the same dedication to natural goodness that defines Dalewood Fromage.

Purchasing Dalewood cheese

I was very happy to hear that not only can you buy products in-store, but there’s also an online shop that delivers to various locations around South Africa. Furthermore, you can pre-order any of their cheeses on request for your special occasion.

To sum it up

Overall, Dalewood Fromage near Paarl is a little gem for cheese lovers who cherish top-notch quality. With its commitment to simplicity, sustainability, and genuine flavors, Dalewood continues to produce excellent dairy products.

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