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Guardian Peak: Where wine meets excellent food in Stellenbosch

If you’re up for a tasty adventure in Stellenbosch, then Guardian Peak Restaurant is the place to be. Surrounded by stunning views, it’s more than just a restaurant – they also produce excellent wines! Named after the impressive peak on Stellenbosch Mountain, Guardian Peak began in 1998 under the guidance of Jean Engelbrecht. Drawing on his knowledge of both global wine markets and his family estate experience, Jean set out to create easy-to-enjoy wines. The estate adopts a wine-with-food approach, emphasizing the enjoyment of wine alongside culinary experiences. That’s why, at Guardian Peak, you can try their wines in a relaxed restaurant setting where the main focus is on enjoying wine with delicious food.

There are two main seating areas. The first is the indoor restaurant, which has a nice mix of rustic and stylish decor.

Indoor restaurant at Guardian Peak

The second option is outside, with a view overlooking the vineyards and mountains. The scenery is really beautiful from this spot!

The view from Guardian Peak Restaurant

The Menu at Guardian Peak

At Guardian Peak, their menu is a mix of local flavors and global inspirations. You’ll find a wide range of options, from starters like Goat’s cheese and butternut risotto to main courses including burgers, fish, lamb, and steak. Don’t forget to save room for dessert, too, though – they offer sweet treats like pecan nut & caramel cheesecake and Panna Cotta to wrap up your meal.

I ordered a steak and roast butternut salad, while my partner ordered roast potato and lamb. Both were excellent choices! .

Steak & Roast Butternut Salad

The restaurant boasts an impressive array of wines, and naturally, we had to try a glass. Like all red varieties in the region, it was also wonderful! You have the option to either order a glass of wine from the menu, or you can choose a wine tasting. With the wine tasting, you pay for individual smaller glasses separately.

So if you’re looking for excellent wine paired with superb food, head over to Guardian Peak in Stellenbosch.

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