Away with the Fairies, Hogsback: Magic & Whimsy

Hogsback is often associated with tales of fairies and mythical creatures, and it’s not hard to see why. The lush forests and misty landscapes provide the perfect setting for such legends. The “Away with the Fairies” Nature Lodge exemplifies this enchantment, with its whimsical design featuring fairy lights, colorful murals, and playful sculptures. This unique accommodation is more than just a place to stay. It’s a place where imagination and reality come together.

A quirky fairy sculpture at Away With The Fairies

The great thing is, even if you’re not staying at Away with the Fairies, the staff is super welcoming and friendly. During our recent visit to Hogsback, we decided to stop by and take a look, and they encouraged us to explore the property. In our short visit, we had a stroll through the forest, checked out the famous ‘bath on the edge,’ and visited ‘The Heart Center,’ a serene spot perfect for reflection, meditation, yoga, and more.

Forest Trails at Away With The Fairies

The fairy walk at Away with the Fairies

At first, we simply wandered the trails around the lodge. There’s a certain vibe in the air that’s hard to put into words. The wooden pathways winding through the beautiful forest feel kind of magical, making the trails perfect for a relaxed stroll.

If you’re looking for something a little more challenging, there are also other hiking trails that start and end at Away with the Fairies. These trails lead you through one of only two Grade 1 indigenous forests in South Africa. There’s a giant Yellowwood tree called The Big Tree, estimated to be between 800 and 2000 years old, right in front of the backpackers. A short 1-2 hour hike through the Auckland Nature Reserve takes you to three beautiful waterfalls: Swallow Tail, Bridal Veil, and Madonna and Child Waterfall Trail.

Visit the Cliff Bath with a view

Bath at the Cliff Edge

A visit to Hogsback would be incomplete without a visit to the ‘Cliff Bath,’ offering scenic views of the surrounding mountains and the valley below. Surprisingly, you can actually take a bath here – the faucets are in working order, I assure you! It certainly adds a one-of-a-kind dimension to your experience. Only guests staying at the lodge are actually allowed to take a bath, though. However, that didn’t stop me from climbing in and getting a cool shot while enjoying the spectacular views!

Discover yourself at the Heart Center

The temple at Away with the Fairies

Perched above the ancient Auckland Nature Reserve, the Away With The Fairies Heart Centre has a beautiful view of the Tyume Valley. The building itself has a gorgeous design, and it really feels like you’re high up on some spiritual retreat in a faraway place. The center is a sacred place where visitors can partake in self-reflection and awareness, as well as meditative practices such as Satsang and Tai Chi. The Heart Center also hosts wellness retreats, workshops, and weddings. I couldn’t imagine a better setting for a special occasion.

Eat at the Green Dragon Restaurant

Green Dragon Cafe

We stopped by the Green Dragon Cafe, famous for its delicious food, especially their fantastic pizzas. The soft lighting and a cozy log fire in the corner made the place feel warm and cozy. Even though we didn’t eat there, we really loved the vibe and can’t wait to go back.

Enjoy sundowners with a view

As a last stop, we grabbed a drink from the Green Dragon Cafe. We wandered to the property edge and enjoyed our drinks as the sun set over the mountains. It’s truly something magical.

The “Away with the Fairies” Nature Lodge, with its whimsical design and imaginative atmosphere, is a perfect representation of the magical world of Hogsback. Beyond its accommodation, it is a place where the boundaries between imagination and reality blur. When you visit, be sure to enjoy their forest trails, take in the views and embrace a journey of self-discovery. It’s truly a destination like no other.

How to get to Away with the Fairies

Away with the Fairies’ is a well-known establishment in Hogsback. As such, you can find it by following the signs along the main road through the village. Alternatively, here is a GOOGLE MAP DIRECTIONS LINK.

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