Cape Saint Blaize Trail in Mossel Bay
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St Blaize Hiking Trail Mossel Bay: Everything you need to know

Mossel Bay is a pretty coastal town in South Africa, famous for its amazing views, history, and outdoor fun. A fantastic way to explore the area is by hiking the Cape St Blaize Trail, a 13.5-kilometer path along the coastline. You can start at the cave below the Lighthouse and finish at Dana Bay, or go the other way around. Both the St. Blaize lighthouse and Dana Bay have parking, making it easy to get there and enjoy this beautiful trail. The trail is mostly flat, with a few small uphill parts. It goes along the coast, and there are great spots to stop, have a snack, and enjoy the beautiful ocean views along the way.

Important note: If you walk from Mossel Bay to Dana Bay and reach Dana Bay, you have two choices: walk the 13.5 km trail back to Mossel Bay or arrange a ride to pick you up in Dana Bay and take you back. We thought it would be easy to organize a ride in Dana Bay when we got there, but we were wrong. We had to walk the entire 13.5 km back to Mossel Bay. Plan Transportation. If you’re not planning to hike back the entire trail, arrange transportation in advance, especially if you’re heading from Mossel Bay to Dana Bay. This can save you from a long walk back.

The Cape St Blaize Hiking Trail

Finding the trail

We started our morning hike from the parking lot near Cape St. Blaize Lighthouse. Finding the beginning of the trail is pretty straighforward – just follow the stairs that lead up to the lighthouse.

The start of the Cape Saint Blaize Trail

Look out for the dassies, or rock hyraxes, sunbathing on the rocks. Yes, they’re cute but like any wild animals, it’s probably smart to not get too close.

Going up, we turned around and saw the parking lot from where we had just started. The ocean was just starting to come into view, but the scenery was already very pretty.

The Cape Saint Blaize Cave

After about 5 minutes of walking, you will reach the Cape St Blaize Cave, a natural grotto overlooking the sea. The cave itself is a fascinating piece of history. Excavations at the cave in 1888 uncovered artifacts from 80,000 years ago, suggesting people lived there in the Middle Stone Age. Newer discoveries hint that the San (or Khoekhoek) people might actually have inhabited the cave around 800,000 years ago. If you want, take a moment to stop and read the information boards at the cave. They have interesting bits of information about the site.

The start of the Cape St Blaize hiking trail

The Cape Saint Blaize Lighthouse

We were curious about the lighthouse above the cave, so we took a short detour to check it out. The Cape Saint Blaize lighthouse, built in 1864, is a historic maritime guide standing at about 14 meters tall.

The Cape Saint Blaize lighthouse

Even though we’d only been walking for about 10 minutes, we decided to take a quick break here. Just check out the views from the restaurant in the lighthouse! We even saw dolphins playing right in front of us, and the high vantage point gave us fantastic views over the ocean.

Continuing along the trail, the views of the coastline are really something special. I could keep showing you picture after picture of the scenery but I think it’s best you experience it for yourself when you’re there.

views along the cape saint blaize trail

The Pinnacle Point Golf Estate

After about three hours of hiking the coastline, we reached the security gate for Pinnacle Point Golf Estate. Before entering this area, you’ll need to sign yourself in. The gate is more or less the half way point of the Cape St Blaize hiking trail.

Pinnacle Point Estate Security Entrance along the St Blaize hiking trail

The trail continues to wind through the Private Estate, and the homes here will have you green with envy!

Pressing on, we walked for about another 30 minutes before reaching the golf course. It’s a beautiful golf course and the views across the ocean are gorgeous. I started to imagine how nice it would be to play a round of golf here, although I think the ocean might claim more of my golf balls than the actual course holes.

Pinnacle Point Golf Estate

It took us about 30 minutes to cross the golf course. Then, there’s the most beautiful beach, with a staircase winding down to it. It was absolutely stunning and a swim might have been nice, but we were pressed for time. So, onwards we went.

Cape St Blaize Hiking Trail

Suddenly, in the distance, we noticed an enticing looking building. Hopeful there would be a nice cold drink waiting for us there, we picked up the pace. Now, let me tell you something. That building looks far closer than it actually is.

Cape St Blaize Hiking Trail

It was still about another 1 – 1.5 hour before we reached that building. Perhaps we were going slower than we thought, but the heat was a killer. So, while the hike’s terrain isn’t really challenging in itself, those last few kilometers felt like an eternity under the blazing sun.

The Iconic Tunnel Mosaic Project along the Cape Saint Blaize Hiking Trail

Before we got there, though, we passed through the newly built Iconic Tunnel Mosaic Project.
Every individual tile has been meticulously designed to form stunning mosaics throughout this 55-meter tunnel. The left wall of the tunnel blends the town’s modern and historical essence in a vibrant mural. If features symbols of national unity, such as the South African flag and Nelson Mandela, alongside depictions of the Mossel Bay clubhouse, Pinnacle golf course, and important historical sites like Bartolomeu Dias’ legacy, the Koi San Culture, Pinnacle Point Caves, and the ancient Gondwana land. The right wall captures the beauty of Mossel Bay’s marine life and pristine beaches.

The tunnel is really unique and we loved seeing the thoughtfully and beautifully designed artwork here.

The Iconic Mosaic project along the Cape St Blaize hiking trail

We took some time to enjoy the artwork before moving on. Remember that building we had hopefully been eyeing out in the distance all this time? Well, we made it, and trust me, every step to get there was totally worth it.

Pinnacle Point Estate Bar & Lounge

The Pinnacle Estate Bar and Lounge is wonderful, especially after a long and tiring hike! It was the perfect end to our hike (or at least we thought it was the end, but more on that in a bit). The food was delicious, the drinks were ice cold and the views were stunning!

Feeling a bit more energized, we made our way down the stairs, leading from the bar to the beach. Those were quite some stairs. After hiking 13.5km it’s no easy feat. However, it was lovely walking along the rocks and feeling a cool sea breeze.

Dana Bay, Cape St Blaize hiking trail

Full, hot and tired we opened up both Bolt and Uber to call a cab to take us back to Mossel Bay. Unfortunately, arranging a car in such short notice was not to be. We had no choice but to walk the same 13.5km trail back to Mossel Bay again. It is tough! The heat will get to you, so I really recommend booking a car ahead of time, so that you have guaranteed transport from Dana Bay back to Mossel Bay.

While the Cape St Blaize Hiking Trail took us just under 5 hours to complete (one way), the coastal views and interesting things along the way are worth every minute.

Practical Information for the Cape Saint Blaize Hiking Trail

Before embarking on the Cape St Blaize Hiking Trail, here are a few essential tips to ensure a successful and enjoyable hike:

  1. Start Early: Begin your hike early in the day to avoid the heat, especially if you’re planning to walk the entire trail.
  2. Bring enough water and snacks: There are no facilities along the trail, so carry an adequate supply of water and some snacks for energy.
  3. Sun Protection: The trail is mostly exposed, so wear sunscreen, a hat, and sunglasses to protect yourself from the sun.
  4. Plan Transportation: If you’re not planning to hike back the entire trail, arrange transportation in advance, especially if you’re heading from Mossel Bay to Dana Bay. This can save you from a long walk back.
  5. Check the weather: The weather can change rapidly along the coast. Ensure you’re prepared for varying conditions, including sun, wind, and the occasional rain shower.
  6. Respect the environment: Stay on marked trails, take your litter with you, and be mindful of the local flora and fauna.

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