The Garden Route

I'm really excited to share one of South Africa's most spectacular treasures: the Garden Route.ย  The Garden Route is a beautiful stretch of coastal landscape located along the southern coast of South Africa, running from Mossel Bay in the Western Cape to Storms River in the Eastern Cape. Known for its many scenic detours and pit stops along the way, this drive along South Africa's N2 Highway is a wonderful and convenient way to see some of the best destinations in the country.If you're ready for an epic adventure, then I highly recommend reading through some of my posts for awesome destinations along the Garden Route. I share personal stories and useful information about the destinations along the Garden Route, such as insider tips on how to reach the iconic Storms River Bridge, best stops along the Garden Route, hiking trails, hidden gems and places to stay.ย  Believe me, you'll quickly see why it's one of South Africa's top spots. Ready to explore paradise? Let's go! ๐ŸŒฟ๐Ÿš—โœจ