Natures Way Farm Stall
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Nature’s Way Farm Stall: A unique stop along the Garden Route

Natureโ€™s Way Farm Stall, situated conveniently off the N2 in Natureโ€™s Valley, is more than just a typical farm stall. Offering a diverse experience, it includes a plant nursery, a restaurant, a souvenir and boutique clothing shop, and accommodations. The farm stall sells a great variety of local and homemade goods, including freshly baked bread, pies, pastries, and exceptional dairy products made on-site. The veranda is a perfect spot to enjoy meals, coffee, or handmade cakes while taking in the peaceful surroundings. Families with kids can take advantage of the great play area. Thereโ€™s even a little shop nearby where you can buy souvinors, clothes, and Rain natural skincare products. And if just a stop-over isnโ€™t enough, they also have the most gorgeous farmstay accommodations, with beautiful views of green fields and the Tsitsikamma mountain range.

The Farm Stall and Bakery

First, we checked out the goods in the Farm Stall. Nature’s Way Farm Stall is known for its great variety of local and homemade treats. They have freshly baked bread, pies, and pastries, and their own delicious dairy products like ice cream, yogurt, cheese, and cream. And it doesn’t stop there โ€“ they’ve got preserves, jams, free-range eggs, honey, and all kinds of fruits and veggies. If you’re into local wines, they’ve got some lovely South African ones in stock also. Don’t forget to check their notice board for daily specials and the ‘soup of the day’.

Produce at Nature's Way Farm Stall

Then, we grabbed a cup of coffee from the small restaurant and relaxed on the deck that winds its way around the farm stall. The restaurant also serves light meals, but if you prefer you can grab something from the shop to eat, too.

Nature's Way Farm Stall seating area

For families with kids, there’s a fantastic play area available as well.

Kids playing area at Nature's Way Farm Stall

The Plant Nursery

After finishing up our coffee, we then wandered to the plant nursery. The nursery stocks a large variety of trees, shrubs, herbs and seedlings as well as gardening essentials such as pots and pavers and fertilizers. Although we didn’t buy anything, we enjoyed just looking around at all the pretty plants and garden products for sale.

Becky & Bella

Next, we spotted a small enclosure next to the farm stall. Intrigued about a sign that read ‘Becky & Bella would love to be brushed,’ we went over to find out who Becky and Bella were.

Becky and Bella are two gorgeous, tame goats who love to be brushed and are eager for attention. While we didn’t go into the enclosure, we enjoyed watching them sitting on top of the wooden platform.

The Boutique Shop

Lastly, we checked out the boutique shop. The shop has souveniors, beautifully designed dresses as well as a range of Rain natural skincare products.

More than just a farm stall, Natures Way also offers fantastic accommodation! The farmstay accommodations have beautiful views of green fields and the stunning Tsitsikamma mountain range.

Nature’s Way Farm Stall is a really fantastic stop along the Garden Route. It’s a lovely and inviting place with excellent food, scenic views, and charming little shops.

Click on the image below to learn more about our stay at Natures Way.

Natures Way Farm Stall Accommodation

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