Morgan Bay Cliffs
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Your Go-To Guide for activities at the Morgan Bay Cliffs

The Morgan Bay Cliffs are located along South Africa’s scenic Wild Coast, in the Eastern Cape Province. They are easily accessible within about an hour’s drive from the city of East London. Carved by centuries of relentless waves crashing against the rock face, they are a truly spectacular sight and an iconic symbol of Morgan Bay. Stretching all the way from Morgan Bay to Double Mouth Nature Reserve, these dramatic cliffs offer a range of experiences, from sunset watching and photography to hiking and thrilling abseiling adventures, making them a really special destination that is worth exploring.

Each time I’ve visited the cliffs, I’ve been awestruck by their natural beauty. Surprisingly, they remain a bit of a hidden gem, yet to be overrun by tourists. So, what makes them such a stunning destination? Let’s dive in to discover everything you need to know about the Morgan Bay Cliffs, including activities, directions, and some helpful tips.

Activities at the Morgan Bay Cliffs

If it’s your first time at the cliffs, simply reaching the top for stunning ocean views might be all you need. But there’s more! Check out these fun activities you can enjoy there, all for free (except for abseiling, if you join a paid tour with Morgan Bay Adventures). So, take your time and enjoy every moment!

Witness a Spectacular Sunset

sunset at the Morgan Bay Cliffs
Image by Dion Theunissen

The sunsets at the Morgan Bay cliffs are spectacular! Picture a clear view of the ocean as the sun dips below the horizon – it’s absolutely breathtaking. Pack a camera and picnic basket, or just come and enjoy the sight firsthand. Click here to learn about sunset and sunrise times for Morgan Bay.

Explore a Hiking Trail

The hiking trails that wind their way across the top of the scenic cliffs and surrounding areas are really special. The views along the way are exceptional and there’s plenty of fantastic photo opportunities. Starting and ending near the Mitford Hotel in Morgan Bay, there are three official hikes of varying difficulty (4, 6, and 8 km). The cliffs stretch all the way to Double Mouth Nature Reserve. From here, you can also explore Treasure (Bead) Beach, the site of a 17th Century Portuguese shipwreck, where Carnelian Beads, Money Cowries and shards of broken Ming Porcelain can still be found today.

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Dolphin and whale watching

Dolphins seen from the Morgan Bay Cliffs

From the top of the cliffs, you have a clear and expansive view of the ocean. So, if you’re lucky, you might just spot some whales or dolphins frolicking in the waves below. Bring your binoculars and camera along just in case. You’ll be amazed at how often these animals are spotted here, so there’s a pretty good chance of seeing them!

Abseiling Adventures

The Morgan Bay cliffs provide the perfect backdrop for exhilirating abseiling. Surrounded by fantastic views, this adrenaline-pumping activity offers an unforgettable adventure for thrill-seekers. For more information on abseiling and rock climbing at the cliffs, visit Morgan Bay Adventures.

To sum it up, the Morgan Bay Cliffs are truly a marvel of nature, towering high and boasting stunning views along with diverse plant and animal species. Whether you’re into easy walks, challenging hikes, photography or just soaking up the serene surroundings, these cliffs are the perfect escape into nature.

Useful Information for the Morgan Bay Cliffs

Location of the Morgan Bay Cliffs

The access road to Morgan Bay is tarred and well sign-posted. You can get to the cliffs in just a 5-10 minute walk from theย Mitford Hotelย inย Morgan Bay. Thereโ€™s a parking area across from the hotel where you can safely leave your car for the day. Alternatively, you have the option to drive up a dirt road to the top of the cliffs, but be aware that low-lying cars may have difficulty navigating the road’s bumps and potholes.

Provided here is a GOOGLE MAP DIRECTIONS link to the Mitford Hotel parking lot.

Morgan Bay Cliffs
View of the cliffs in the distance from the Mitford Hotel parking lot

How long should you spend here?

The time needed to explore Morgan Bay Cliffs can vary depending on your activities. Whether you’re into photography, hiking, or catching a sunset, though, you’ll probably want to stay longer than planned. That’s why I suggest dedicating a whole day to soak in the beauty of the cliffs. With plenty of time, you can take it easy, snap photos, and truly appreciate the amazing scenery at your own pace.

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